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Artemy Matvienko

Ar-teh-mee Mat-vee-yenko

I am passionate about appreciating, learning from, and creating the ultimate user experiences.

You may be asking: if you are so interested in ultimate user experiences, how come your website isn't all colorful and fancy with scrollable paralax templates and other eye candy?

Well, you are actually thinking of User Interface design. UI is the looks, UX is the usability and ease of use.

My philosophy behind the design of my portfolio website is that it would be easier for recruiters and HR personnel to navigate this sort of admittedly plain, but comprehensive template. I have considered my audience, and made a simple website for them to look at and use.

My current interest is bringing great UX to Full Stack and Mobile development projects I work on.

User Experience at TTC

During my time working for TTC, I had the opportunity to implement employee hierarchy pages for multiple departments. I recognized the shortcomings of the initial static HTML/CSS design and instead proposed a more dynamic solution by developing a JavaScript algorithm to dynamically generate the hierarchy page from an array with employee data. This made the pages easily maintainable, as now all one had to do to modify a page is add new employee information into the array or modify existing info, instead of rearranging HTML code. I have considered the user experience of those who will be maintaining the pages, and have adjusted the design to be more user friendly for them. Fast and easy maintainability also means that the end users, such as department managers, will have access to up-to-date hierarchy information faster. This shows the importance of considering all types of users when designing a positive user experience.

  • Working on the Gamer Watch Web App. You can find more info and follow along with my progress from this page.
  • Contributing to a video game project with a team of 6, soon to be 8, newbie game developers. Doing game design and some project management, recruiting new members, and advising on human resources, business, and marketing topics and issues.

I have completed the 4 year Bachelor of Software Development program at Seneca College.

The BSD program has provided me with in-depth training in software development as well as an array of practical experiences through coding labs and assignments that can be easily applied to almost any position in the IT field.

I have a solid understanding of web technologies and database systems and strive to develop efficient and reusable code to reach maximum satisfaction of users and co-programmers alike when working on any project. In addition, numerous presentations, group projects, and reports have helped me hone my verbal and written communication skills. Finally, multiple business courses have helped me develop marketing, project management, and IT technology procurement skills necessary to see the bigger picture of software development.

75% Complete
PHP Advanced
75% Complete
HTML / HTML5 Advanced
75% Complete
CSS / CSS3 Advanced
75% Complete
UX Design Advanced
50% Complete
JavaScript Intermediate
50% Complete
Java Intermediate
50% Complete
Android Intermediate
50% Complete
C / C# / C++ Intermediate